We put our know-how at your disposal to guarantee the repair of single-acting, double-acting or telescopic hydraulic cylinder of all brands, ensuring a realization in conformity with the original.

Our machine tools and our stock of seals allow us to repair hydraulic cylinder of all brands with lead times of 2 days to 6 weeks.

Hydraulic repair workshop

To renovate a hydraulic cylinder, you want to :

  1. Change your seals: A stock of several hundred references of seals.
  2. Change the pitted or scratched rod: We stock most of the current diameters of chromed rod, to machine them in his workshop.
  3. Repairing welding leaks: our welders are qualified in high-pressure sealing welding.
  4. Testing : our hydraulic test bench to check the tightness and our repairs.

Send us your hydraulic cylinder or contact us for a free quotation, if possible with a drawing or photo.

Some examples of prices before tax for a loader, lifting or digging cylinder :

  1. Change the seals : from 50 to 150 €.
  2. Redo a chrome rod, too scratched to be taken back : from 140 to 3000 €.
  3. Redoing a torn off cylinder head : from 100 to 200 €.
  4. Rework a leaking weld : from 50 to 100 €.