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A mechanical function or the implementation of a custom hydraulic mechanism requires a hydraulic cylinder design according to the pressure and hydraulic flow available.

The formulas in practice use the units of measurement of the metric system: bar, dN (kg), mm, liter, minute, to define the cylinder that will best suit your needs.

Custom hydraulic cylinder

After the dimensioning of the cylinder forces, if the stroke is important, the buckling of the rod must be checked. A steel rod subjected to a compression force can deform suddenly, we speak then of buckling according to:

  1. the maximum force of the cylinder which depends on the hydraulic pressure and the diameter of the piston,
  2. the diameter of the cylinder rod,
  3. the strength of the steel used according to its Young's modulus,
  4. the type of fixation of the rod and the barrel of the cylinder,
  5. the stroke of the cylinder.

The calculation of the buckling requires competences in material resistance, to be calculated when the cylinder has a significant stroke approximately higher than 10 times the diameter of the rod.